What is Gamify?

Gamify is a salesforce app that captures the power of data and turns it into successful business practices.
  • Create customized games that enforce successful behaviors
  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage
  • A native Salesforce application with easy implementation
  • Enables gamification of all fields on the most popular Salesforce Objects by default
  • Metrics gathering to easily track success

What is Gamificaiton?

Gamification takes data-driven techniques to motivate players and add value to your business.
  • Gamification implements game mechanics into an already existing system or process that motivates participation, and engagement.
  • Gamification utilizes data-driven techniques, the same as game designers, to engage players and drive competition; thus, reinforcing important behaviors in your salesforce.
  • Gamification takes high-value interactions with employees, and partners, to drive more sales, stronger collaboration, and better ROI.
  • Gamification works because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in most people for, feedback, achievement and reward.

Try out Gamify free for 30 days on AppExchange

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange and download Gamify to try it out for free for 30 days in your sandbox.

Furthermore reach out to us in the app and we will help introduce you to gamification and how you can turn your Salesforce application into a fun and motivating tool for your employees, customers, and partners.

We Are 6Street Digital

We believe that technology shouldn’t be part of your daily challenges but a tool that is seamlessly integrated into your business, allowing your people to accomplish even more.  The Salesforce tool is powerful and we work closely with our clients to help them utilize the full power of that tool. We are a small boutique shop that runs on building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients to bring about big results.


Meet The Team

Jonathan Keel

Founder and President

Jonathan Keel is Founder and President of 6Street Digital and author of “Salesforce.comLightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow.” Jonathan is also a Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer and has more than 17 years of experience delivering web applications using many technologies including Visualforce, Apex, Lighting, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Java. He has worked in a variety of industries including, retail, education, finance, music, and technology.

Noe Tamez

Technical Architect

Noe Tamez is a Technical Architect for 6Street Digital. He has 17 years of experience in IT and has a deep knowledge and skill in web and batch application development, with experience in government, retail and financial services industries. Some of the technologies used to implement solutions include Visualforce, Apex, Lightning, HTML, Javascript, Java, and .NET. He is a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer with an emphasis on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and E-commerce.

John Esposito

Salesforce Developer

John Esposito is a Salesforce Developer with 12 years of experience in IT. He specializes in Salesforce development (full-stack) and data modeling for B2B ecommerce, financial services, and higher education. He is a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer with expertise in Apex, VisualForce, JavaScript, and CSS. He has also directed empirical software engineering research (focusing on the Java ecosystem) and worked in both start-up and academic environments. Most recently he has worked on both new and upgraded CloudCraze implementations.

Ricardo Gomez

Salesforce Developer

Ricardo Gomez is a Salesforce Developer with 7 years experience in Finance and IT. He specializes in forecast modeling, system migrations and full stack web development. Some of the technologies used to implement solutions include VisualForce, Lightning, React.js, Ruby on Rails and Excel. He has worked in industries such as Finance, Defense and Digital Media.

Questions? Contact Us

6Street Digital is here to help, whether you are looking to download and install the app on your own, or you need a little assistance to optimize your current Salesforce system. We encourage you to contact us with all your questions and needs.

Phone: (833) 2GAMIFY, (833) 242-6439
Email: sales@getgamify.com

Gamify App Overview

Easily add gamification to your Salesforce processes to encourage your associates to meet company goals. Add fun to your daily operations while also capturing important metrics to help drive your business to new heights.

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